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What you put in your body affects how you think & feel

Posted on 10-26-2015

I was having a conversation with a client the other day - we were talking about healthy lifestyle choices. I have been studying food, nutrition and well healthy lifestyle for a long time now - I know ...

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Take Inspired Action - YOU (I) Are (Am) Enough - It's an Inside Job

Posted on 08-04-2015

What the heck is that – Inspired Action? First of all, it’s important to take consistent action (steps) towards the life you want to be living. The more I understand what a powerful cre...


5 Easy Steps that will add to your Success

Posted on 07-07-2015

Whether you are focusing on your health (weight loss, exercise, healthy foods etc), trying to find some balance in your life or boosting the health of your business, these 5 easy steps can really help...

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Yoga for Golfers

Posted on 06-10-2015

Yoga is for all golfers - from beginners to the advanced player I am new to the sport of golf. I am only just in my second year of playing and taking lessons as well as practicing on a weekly basis...

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First Start Loving Yourself

Posted on 02-20-2015

Recently, this has become a big focus in my life, what it really means to love myself. As I have moved deeper and deeper into entrepreneurship, my relationship with myself has completely changed. I ha...