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Get moving into 2015 with this powerful process

What habits are you looking to incorporate this new year? Do you set up resolutions for yourself? Do you immediately start a diet the first Monday of January? Do you hit the gym hard? Do you re-stock your fridge with healthy foods? Normally, health and weight-loss are the two highest priorities for most people. 

There so many options and so many ways to begin 2015. My favorite thing to do in January is first and foremost get organized. Organize my paperwork, list my projects new and old to complete, clean my house and fill my fridge with lots of nutritious foods. Then I am ready to get back into my regular routine of exercise and work. 


Yesterday, I was sitting at my island, doing some writing and I came up with a simple and cool process that you can use to set yourself up for even more success this year. They are not resolutions as I am sure you have those. If not, you can try this approach and or pair this exercise with what you already have. They are simple statements of how you want to feel this coming year. Here goes.

  1. In body - I want to feel ______________(fill in the blank). My answer - energetic, lean and alive!
  2. In mind - I want to feel ______________(fill in the blank), My answer - clarity, peaceful, calm and relaxed.
  3. In spirit - I want to feel ______________(fill in the blank). My answer - purposeful, fulfilled, loving and calm.
  4. In my work - I want to feel ___________(fill in the blank). My answer - fulfilled, happy, successful, creative and full of desire.
  5. In my relationships - I want to feel ______________(fill in the blank). My answer - loved, loving, secure, open, passionate and equal.

Now that you have figured out how you want to feel, action is required! What action steps can you list for each one? How could you EMBODY these feelings?  For example, for number one - exercise 30 minutes 4x a week,prepare and eat home cooked meals that are nutritious and delicious, drink 8 glasses or more of water a day, sip on my protein drink after workouts, and get 8 hours of sleep a night. Notice how specific I am being? 

For number two - meditate 2x week starting at 10 minutes, walk outside in nature, take 1 breathing break a day (10 deep breaths), stretch and do yoga 20 minutes 2x a week, etc.. Again, do you notice how specific I am being? It's important to be very specific with your action steps, allow them to be as detailed as you need them to be, that way you can really live how you want to be living by feeling how you want to be feeling.

Once you have completed all your answers, revisit these every 3 months. See how you are "FEELING", maybe at that time you will have embodied those feelings and you may want to add in some new feelings. Repeat the simple process with new and detailed action steps. . 

If you would like some help with this exercise - we can schedule a complimentary coaching session and we get down and dirty! Details may not be your forte so working on them together might really help you move forward. 

So for this new year, I sincerely hope you create the happiness you desire, enjoy the happiness you already feel, live in ALL your moments no matter how they may feel, and BE the best and brightest version of yourself!



Director at Red Hot Coaching