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Begin your Gratitude Practice for the holidays...

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Hey you! It's that time of year (and no matter if you are not in the US celebrating Thanksgiving - you too can do this) where we are reminded of gratitude. And what I would like to do is begin a mindful practice of "Gratitude" throughout this entire holiday season. Would you like to join me?

So what does that mean exactly? Well it could mean a lot of things and here a few examples. You might "Appreciate yourself" on a daily basis (love notes), you might be thankful for the amazing people and animals in your life that make your life easier and more joyful (express appreciation), and or you might just be grateful for your health (tend to your physical needs)... There are many ways you can practice "Gratitude". 

It's definitely a personal choice. You know how you are and you know what you need. For me personally, my personal "Gratitude" practice is one where I am in full appreciation of myself. I tend to put myself on the back burner however as of late I have been putting myself on the front burner. And to put myself first, it means I need to pay attention to my needs.

  • Meditation is one. It's not a regular practice of mine and I am now making it a regular (hopefully daily!) practice. 
  • A regular personal yoga practice. Am not teaching as much so I hit up a local yoga studio two or three times a week. It makes me feel like I am on the receiving end vs. the giving end. I am falling in love with yoga all over again! 
  • Reading 30 minutes a day. Simple enough but do you know that I put that off - a lot?!
  • Writing - in a personal journal, a blog article or even this newsletter sharing myself with you more often!

So what could you do for the rest of the holiday season to start a personal "Gratitude" practice? Be creative, maybe get quiet for a few minutes and ask yourself what you are needing or even wanting... Be selfish! That kind of seems to be the opposite of "Gratitude" however, if your Self or Soul needs nourishment and attention, then maybe your personal "Gratitude" practice needs to be directed inwards. Doing activities for you, ones that nourish you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Since we give a lot of ourselves throughout the holidays, why not direct your "Gratitude" practice towards yourself? Like I said though, this is YOUR personal and mindful "Gratitude" practice so make it yours!

One more thing I am grateful for  - and that is YOU! Thank you for reading this email and thank you for just being you! I love that we are ALL these unique and amazing beings with our own special gifts to share with others...

30 minute complimentary coaching sessions are still available! Maybe you would like to give yourself the gift of coaching?! 



PS. Shoot me an email back and let me know how your "Gratitude" practice is unfolding in your life, it can be a total game changer!